Crowdsourcing Jobs through a Candidate Referral Program


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You call the shots. Set a variable (% to 25% the gross salary) or a fixed finder fee (Minimum $1250).


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A maximum of 2 candidates per referrer ensures, you spend time with the best candidates only

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Refer A Professional and earn decent amount for your time and referral help.


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Find a job on ReferClick to refer great candidates and earn decent money. You may also opt to receive periodic emails for the hot open positions.


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Refer a matching candidate from your social media networks i.e. LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, twitter, email or just by uploading his /her resume.


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Follow up with referred candidates, collect feedback.


Earn for your time and efforts

If your candidate gets hired - Good News ! Employer pays to ReferClick after the hired candidate is employed for 60 Days and we pay you.

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