A Professional Candidate Referral Service to solve Recruitment Problems

Candidate Referrals in Fortune 1000 and beyond, rely heavily on Employee Referral Programs. Wouldn't it be wonderful to also engage Alumni, Customers, Vendors, Independent recruiters and Senior Industry Professionals? It is time to put this latent, but valuable Professional Referral Network to work.

Why ReferClick's Candidate Referral Service?

  • More qualified referrals per job posting, thanks to the network effect
  • Introducing hard-to-find passive candidates who are not looking for career change opportunities
  • Validated references
  • Hire Faster
  • Employers

    Employers and staffing agencies benefit by hiring smart talent sourced by referrals via various channels.

    Professional who know someone

    Refer someone who is fit for the job and earn decent referral bonus in thousands of dollars. Help us grow the referral community and get rewarded when someone from your connections referral get hired.